Sunday, 2 February 2014

How to Reach Mass Audience in an Effective Way - Creative Point Coimbatore


In today’s world we have a lot of medium to reach audience such as Television, Radio, and Newspaper etc.Now this type of mediums are very traditional. Now a day’s peoples are mostly surfing most of their times in smart mobile phones. We cannot think a man without Mobile phones. Most of the Million dollar companies are targeting to reach each and every individual, reaching every individual is possible through targeting mobile phones. Now we are going to discuss how to reach Mass audience in an effective way.


Bulk SMS Gateway solutions:

Greatest way to reach Mass audience is possible only through Bulk sms service. Yes, you can reach mass audience invidually through Bulk sms service in a fastest way.
Every message will reach their customer pocket without disturbing them. Whenever beep sound hears customer will open his Inbox or He opens whenever he is free/relaxed reading his Inbox message but your message will reach his mobile phone.

What is Bulk SMS?

SMS is a Short Messaging service and Bulk sms is sending a text message to large number of mobile database by accessing the internet through SMS Gateway Software.

Why Mobile Marketing? 

Mobile Marketing is the use of the mobile medium as a communication channel between a brand and an end-user. Mobile marketing has great opportunities for direct interaction with customers and cost-effective data collection. Mobile marketing is the only personal channel enabling spontaneous, direct, interactive and targeted communications, any time, any place.
Mobile Marketing can be used in number of ways. Some examples are listed below:

 Product launch
 Sales promotion
 Brand awareness
 Event promotion
 Location based services
 Mobile coupons
 Market research

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

·         You can keep Personal Touch with Customer
·         Cost Effective
·         Immediate Reach

How Mobile Marketing Works?

There are two methods

1.One way SMS (Push or Pull)
2.Two way SMS (Push and Pull / Pull and Push)

What is Push SMS?

It is simplest way.
Upload numbers -> Type your Content –> Deliver the Message by Submitting

What is Pull SMS?
The PULL SMS service allows you to request for and receive information. All you need to do is SMS KEYWORD
For Pulling the SMS you would require Long code / Short code.

Push and Pull:

Cool stuff – you know who to go after – communicate with them through text messaging – excite them enough to respond to you – the responses which come – you can act upon as per the demands of the campaign. A good way to communicate your ideas to a predefined audience – the really interested one – seeks you.

Pull and Push

Interesting – you don’t know whom to target or your needs are too generic – just advertise a long code or a short code on other media like print, TV etc. – when people show interest, you respond to them in a predefined and automated way. A good way for you to give additional information to people who are interested.

Selecting a mobile marketing partner that understands the medium as well your requirements is the key to success - we hope that this article will help you to make the most out of this exciting media channel.